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Sunday, June 30, 2013

4 Alternatives To Consider To Replace Google Reader

4 Alternatives To Consider
To Replace Google Reader

We are saying the final goodbye to Google Reader. If you haven't found your perfect Reader by now, we are giving you 4 alternatives to consider. This next RSS reader needs to be supported on desktop computers Android and iOS to be the perfect replacement.

1. The Old Reader

This reader is like a Google Reader replica. Switching to The Old Reader, you will notice the familiar layout and colours. It has even the same social features that Google Reader had. You can use XML upload and import all of your Google Reader subscriptions. Unfortunately, there are no mobile OS apps available for this RSS reader.

2. Curata Reader

We have examined so many RSS readers and Curata came as the cleanest. It offers a large amount of white space separated with lines. It has a clear and attractive interface with great icons and animations. However, it lacks more features. Looking to see what's new on the feed, Curata gives you all recent posts from the required site plus those that have been already read. Some users will find this feature great but many will not. No mobile apps yet, but Curata has promised that great update will follow through in near future.

3. Feedly

Feedly is your best choice among the others. It's really fast and choosing it will give you the option to import your data from Google Reader using a one-click synchronization feature. Feedly has become a cloud-based RSS reader and it's now accessible from all browsers. You can search for specific site names, URLs and topics and subscribe like the Google Reader. Sharing options with Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are available too. It has great and easy-to-handle interface and it is simple like Google. Unlike the others, Feedly have both Android and iOS apps.

4. AOL Reader

AOL Reader is a definition for an organizational interface. Everything is placed in the right order and you can choose how to look at headlines. The options are card view for viewing your headlines in many columns, full view and split screen view. It has almost the same keyboard shortcuts as Google Reader. This RSS reader is available only in beta version but you will be able to enjoy all the benefits. There aren't mobile apps available and you will not be able to import Google Reader's data unless you upload your OPML file right from Google Takeout.

There are other RSS versions that could be helpful but we think that these are the best in their business.

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