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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. - Cult Profile

The Kingdom of  
Apollo C. Quiboloy
[Posted by abuGian: May 6, 2007]

Name of the Group

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ,
The Name Above Every Name, Inc.

(Founded on September 1, 1985.)  



Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Son of God in Gentile Setting.
(April 25, 1950-- )

 From Preacher to King

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy the youngest of the 9 children of Jose Quiboloy and Maria Carreon was born on April 25, 1950 in Tamayong, Calinan Davao City. He became a preacher in the United Pentecostal Church but later went out of it and formed his own group on September 1, 1985. 

He now claims that that he is the Son of God in the Gentile setting, the residence of the Holy Spirit or the Temple of the Father. He is distinguishing himself from Jesus Christ in the sense that God came as Jesus to be Son in the Jewish setting but to complete that work of salvation God has chosen him to be the Son in the Gentile setting on September 13, 2003. Two years later, he claim to have been entrusted with Kingship (April 13, 2005). Reference: New Jerusalem--City of God, Accessed May 7, 2007).

The Lord Jesus is revealed by the Scriptures as the only begoten Son of God, this is evident in John 1:18; 3:16, 18; and 1 John 4:9. In the Greek, the "only begotten" is monogenes (Gk. 3439), which means "single of its kind" (Thayer). In the truth of God's Word, Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, in the Kingdom of Apollo C. Quiboloy the lie is there are two sons in succession: Jesus, the Son in Jewish Setting and Quiboloy in the Gentile setting. (aG)  


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