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Monday, January 26, 2015

"I DON'T FEEL IT" (26/66 - Pastor Jack Hyles' Favorite Soul Winning Experiences)

Pastor Jack Hyles’ Favorite
Soul Winning Experiences

Dr. Jack Hyles — American Hero
by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)


Salvation is not the result of a feeling but the result of faith. Though sometimes a feeling comes as a result of salvation, I think there is a definite danger in stressing the feeling, for anyone who knows the plan of salvation and trusts his eternity in it is saved. When some are saved, they cry; others laugh; some do nothing. Occasionally, however, a person is saved who expresses his joy in a unique way.

Such was the case of a lady who visited our services in Garland, Texas, where I pastored for nearly seven years. Her daughters had been saved in our church, and she would attend on Sunday evenings though she was a strong Catholic. Her daughters would pray fervently for her salvation, but her answer was always a negative one. She did, however, enjoy coming to our services. She thought my preaching was, to say the least, unique, and she came with her daughters often to hear me.

She was a lady of refinement and some means, and I prayed diligently that God would save her. One Sunday night I felt impressed to go back and speak with her during the invitation. "Wouldn't you like to be saved?" I asked.

"Yes, I would," she replied, "but I don't feel anything. When I get saved, I am going to feel it.'"

"Salvation is not a feeling," I said. "It is by grace through faith."

"But I want to feel it," she replied.

"Forget the feeling," I said.

Then she said, "Pastor, if I ever get saved, I am going to have a feeling before I do."

A little bit frustrated and irritated, I said, "Come on to the altar, and let's see if we can get it."

She then said, "It won't do any good. I don't feel anything." But she did follow me reluctantly to the altar.

When she got there, I said, "Now let's kneel and pray."

"It won't do any good. I don't feel anything," she said.

Like a general of the Army, I said, "Kneel anyway!"

She knelt, making a "cross" as she did, and placed her hands under her chin like a little child saying "nighty-night" prayers. Then she said, "This is silly. I don't feel anything, Pastor."

I then prayed for God to convict her and save her. Then I asked her to pray. "It won't do any good," she said. "I don't feel anything."

I replied, "Pray anyway. Ask God to have mercy on your soul and save you from your sins. Tell Him that you are trusting Jesus today."

"But I don't feel it," she said.

I said abruptly, "Pray anyway!"

She began to pray cautiously and doubtfully. "Dear...Lord .... have mercy on... me a...sinner…and save-Brother Hyles, I think I am beginning to feel it-my soul. I DO NOW RECEIVE JESUS-I am feeling more, Brother Hyles!-as my Saviour and trust Him to take me to Heaven. I FEEL IT NOW! I FEEL IT NOW! I FEEL IT NOW!" she cried.

She continued praying the "sinner's prayer" and put her faith in Jesus Christ as her Saviour. One of her daughters, who is not a real emotional person, suddenly stood to her feet and said, "Hallelujah! Mother just got saved." She was baptized shortly afterwards and is still a faithful Christian. One of her daughters is now the wife of a successful pastor.

Of course, she was not saved by "feeling it." She was saved by trusting Jesus. However, it is certainly an occasional refreshment when someone enjoys salvation enough to be demonstrative. The secret to all of it was the praying and witnessing of those two daughters and the fact that they were not weary in well doing. Paul reminds us in Galatians 6:9, "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

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